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Norms set by it for the discharge of its functions

The structure of the Directorate is divided into two parts, namely academic and ministerial. Functioning of individual units are regulated as under:

Ministerial: The administrative, financial and house-keeping activities are regulated by the provisions contained in Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules of the Govt., General Financial Rules, Delegation of Financial Powers Rules and Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance, Department of Personnel and Training and Cabinet Secretariat.

Recruitments, promotions, Assured Career Progressions and disciplinary actions are regulated by the provisions of recruitment rules and guidelines issued by DOPT.
Academic: The academic activities of the Directorate, namely various schemes are regulated by specific provisions of individual schemes. Decisions on implementation of schemes are taken on recommendations of committees formed by the Ministry and the Minister in-charge. Compositions of various committees and the norms followed in implementation of individual schemes are available in description of schemes.
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