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Origin of Hindi  
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Modern Hindi

Decline of Apabhramsha and emergence of modem Hindi:
1283 A.D.:

Khusro's pahelis and mukaris. Uses term "Hindavi"

1398 - 1518 A.D.:
Kabir's works mark origin of "Nirguna-Bhakti" period
1370 A.D.:
Love-story period originated by "Hansavali" of Asahat
1400 - 1479 A.D.:
Raidhu: last of the great Apabhramsha poets
1450 A.D.:
"Saguna Bhakti" period starts with Ramananda
1580 A.D.:
Early Dakkhini work "Kalmitul-hakayat of Burhanuddin Janam
1585 A.D.:
"Bhaktamal" of Nabhadas: an account of Hindi Bhakta-poets
1601 A.D.:
"Ardha-Kathanak" by Banarasidas, first autobiography in Hindi
1604 A.D.:
"Adi-Granth" a compilation of works of many poets by Guru Arjan Dev.
1532 - 1623 A.D.:
Tulsidas, author of "Ramacharita Manasa".
1623 A.D.:
"Gora-badal ki katha" of Jatmal, first book in Khari Boli dialect
1643 A.D.:
"Reeti" poetry tradition commences according to Pt. Ramchandra Shukla
1645 A.D.:
Shahjehan builds Delhi fort, language in the locality begins to be called Urdu.
1667 -1707 A.D.:
Vali's compositions become popular, Urdu starts replacing Parsian among Delhi nobility. It is often called "Hindi" by "Sauda, Meer" etc.
1600 -1825 A.D.:
Poets (Bihari to Padmakar) supported by rulers of Orchha and other domains