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Deva-nagari -The Origin

The name "Devanāgarī" is sometimes written together, and sometimes disjointly to represent the development of this writing system which evolved from the Brahmi script. Many Indian languages, prominently among them - Hindi and Sanskrit, are written in Devanāgarī, or Nagari. Marathi uses it as it is with an additional letter or two, and languages like Gujarati and a few others throughout India use local variants of this script.

Many Hindu scriptures are written only in Devanāgarī, although inscriptions and tablets are available in Brahmi and its variants. So for historians and archaeologists, learning Deva-nagari is a must. "Devanāgarī" being a compound word with two roots: deva meaning "god or deity", and nagari meaning "of urban origin or city", the etymology of the name suggests that it has been a major intellectual exercise at one point of time. Its highly phonetic nature is an instance of the careful thought that must have gone into its planning.